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Initial Evaluation

A flowchart and guide through the initial evaluation of patients with transient loss of consciousness in the emergency department

E-Learning Modules

This section contains e-learning modules with in-depth information about syncope and short term blood pressure regulation

Cases & Examples

Click here to access large library full of summarized educational case reports of patients suffering from syncope

Syncope Textbook

The syncope textbook contains reliable and easily accessible information about the different causes for syncope

What does syncope look like?

This video shows medical students performing the fainting lark to induce syncope. The video was made by Lempert et al. to study the clinical features of “transient cerebral hypoxia”. Ethical committee approval was obtained. The students perform the “fainting lark” (hyperventilating while squatting, quickly standing up, whilst straining) to lose consciousness. 

Do not try this at home. 

First, the fainting lark is shown, followed by: falls (0:36),  akinetic syncope (1:04), myoclonus (1:24),  other movements (2:41) and eye movements (3:58).

Reference: Lempert, T. , Bauer, M. and Schmidt, D. (1994), Syncope: A videometric analysis of 56 episodes of transient cerebral hypoxia. Ann Neurol., 36: 233-237. doi:10.1002/ana.410360217

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