Vasovagal Syncope Video Examples

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Orthostatic Vasovagal Syncope - Presyncopal Symptoms and Signs

Presyncopal signs of an impending vasovagal  syncope include: pallor, sweating, pupillary dilation and changes in breathing. The following video demonstrates these visible signs of vasovagal syncope  in a 24 year old Dutch professional soccer player. He lost consciousness during  an interview on TV, after losing with the Dutch national team. The interview is in Dutch, and deals with the reasons of why they lost the match. The presyncopal signs that can be observed are  listed at the end of the video. 

For more information about presyncopal symptoms & signs see the e-learning presyncopal symptoms & signs (click here)

Emotional Vasovagal Syncope

Eye opening with deviation of the eyes is typical at the onset of loss of consciousness. Prior to loss of consciousness many fainting subjects may close their eyes in response to the discomforting presyncopal signs.  

For more information see e-learning on signs during syncope and the e-learning on post-syncopal symptoms & signs

Another example of emotional vasovagal syncope during receiving a piercing 

For more information see e-learning vasovagal syncope